Crafting Beautiful Sentences – Structure and Vocabulary

Crafting Beautiful Sentences - Structure and Vocabulary Through fun, group interaction, students learn to use proper phrasing, sentence patterns, and vibrant vocabulary, which includes Greek and Latin roots. An experienced certified IEW teacher will target the problem areas he has observed many of his students struggle with. Enroll in RRISD

Fun with Numbers

Fun with Numbers Math is not drudgery, boring, dry, and lifeless. Enroll in "Singapore Math Fun with Numbers" so that your child will discover that math is enjoyable and fun, leaving them with the playful experiences that cultivate a pleasant relationship with math! (Advanced 2nd - 5th graders) Enroll in RRISD

Logic & Puzzles

Logic & Puzzles Who doesn't love solving puzzles? Enroll your child in "Singapore math Logic & Puzzles" class to foster his problem solving, logical thinking, reasoning skills, and to improve his concentration and attention span, and ultimately to raise his IQ and confidence level in taking up challenges! (Advanced 2nd - 5th) Enroll in RRISD

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